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Now $50 dollars USD of your Peace Mat© Purchase will go to one of these Peace Initiative Organizations. We Will be Adding More Peace Causes with Time.  Click on any of the images below to go to these Incredible Peace Initiative sites and learn more .  Don't forget to return to make your selection here.  We're living in the New Earth energy where anything is possible with love!

 One example of the Peace Alliance Initiative that Huffington Post writes about:  Teaching Peace in Our Schools.  Read this:

 "In the world at large, the grip of violence is daunting. Economically speaking, the Violence Containment Industry accounts for around $2.16 trillion, or around 15 percent of U.S. GDP. When adding up the concrete costs to the average American taxpayer it is estimated that violence containment spending costs $15,000 a year, or $7,000 for every man, woman and child each year. This is more than a burden, it's a challenge of epic proportions. This is money that would be much better served going towards socially uplifting and nourishing endeavors.

It seems only logical that our nation invest more heavily in prioritizing basic social and emotional learning, conflict resolution education, and peacebuilding skills woven into our core school curriculum to help turn the tide. While proven and effective programs aculum are already happening in pockets all over our nation, they need to be more systemically embedded. Our policies at the local, state and federal levels have the potential to better reflect and empower these options.

  • In West Philadelphia High School, within two years of implementing a Restorative Discipline program, incidents of assault and disorderly conduct dropped more than 65%.
  • Meditation/mindfulness practices in schools have noticeable benefits -- studies have shown suspensions decrease by 79 percent, attendance increases by over 98% and academic performance is noticeably increased.
  • Up to 42% reduction in physical and verbal youth violence through Life Skills Training in schools.

 Imagine what would happen if millions of our kids grew into adults with better skills to deal with conflict and to cultivate peace. It could fundamentally change our nation and world for the better. " Read more:

 (Peace Initiative:  Getting degree to become Peacemaker)

(Peace Initiative:  The largest independent direct-action environmnetal organization in the world) 

(Peace Initiative:  Promote freedom and peace for all humanity) 


(Peace Intiative:  Working to set up US Dept of Peace, founding member Marianne Williamson) 

 "As one of the world’s best known business leaders, the opinions of Sir Richard Branson carry enough weight to effect near immediate change, both for better or for worse."

(Peace Initiative:  To enable agents of change to access the tools, resources, connections and inspiration to undertake the challenging work of changemaking)