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The Light Retreat and Carol Calvert proudly introduce their newest "light product" The Peace Mat©, Finding Your Peace Just Got Really Personal!

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  Our regular price of $1999 for each MatrixMat© will be preceded by a Matrix Launch price of $1695 until Valentine's Day 11:59pm Eastern.  All promotions and offerings will move to the regular price of $1999.    

 We accept Cash, Credit Card, and We Have Arranged Financing at 10% down and $56 payments for 38 months, no prepayment penalty to pay off early.  Please contact Carol Calvert directly for payment options.

 Consider joining  our  Marketing Team, a simple, efficient and full of love way to share with your friends, family, loved ones and colleagues, when they invest in a Matrix Mat of their own.  Earn from 10-29%:  More details on joining our marketing team, call Carol Calvert 704-241-6103 (text) or Subject:  Marketing Team.


Kathy McNally's experience with The Matrix (Peace) Mat is featured in our newsletter today. She never knew this could happen after 30 minutes on the mat. Jan Jenson, I am in awe of your taking the time with Kathy. Also, in this newsletter, Jan Jenson is taking The Peace Mat on the road in her motor home . Woohoo.

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I have been sick for about a year with no energy to live the life I love: I am an avid hiker and love people and go, go, go.

Recently, I had the opportunity to be on The Peace Mat again and this time something incredible happened, in fact two things. I woke up the next morning with huge pressure release from my ears and energy to go to church and I walked at the greenway.  The energy has persisted and I am re-entering my life with renewed vigor and ability to do what I love and am enjoying the comeback.

I would say I had a great shift back to my peace. See my below enjoying the mat." Kathy McNally, Senior Independent Distributor, The Pet Protector


                                                                        From The Peace Mat Blog 

 This week in sharing with new owners and potential The Peace Mat owners as to the properties of their new mats, I found myself explaining one of hundreds of the organics of the Omh Pack that lies along the chakra line:  The Shungite.  Only mined in one place in the world between Russia and Finland, this well researched mineral or crystal has many stellar qualities of which one is it constantly creating a matrix over the biofield, creating harmonization of living things. Fullernes (carbon ions within Shungite) enable the Shungite to open, save and receive ionic information with our bodies.  Even our NIH has researched Shungite with rats.  Pretty impressive!

 So, a perfect normalizing biofield is created and then you have all the organics from the complete mineral and crystal kingdoms, healthy earth and dry sea vegetation and signatures of all the nutrients living things, plant and animal communicating with the biofield.  Hum, imagine!  Non drug, non chemical, simply a ball of highly intelligent carbon generating a return to normal, pathological changes in living organisms disappear as this restructured state is recognized.  It's happening firstly in the water of our bodies and then communication occurs throughout.

 There's science.  Now, here's marketing:  The Peace Mat is changing it's focused name to The Matrix Mat with a subtitle "for peace".  

 And let's I forget, beyond the Omh Pack, The Matrix Mat has 340 violet diodes streaming, EMF chip for defragging and clearing, and a simple on/off switch.  So Matrix Easy!    carol calvert 2/5/16


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