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 Finding Peace Just Got Really Personal!  is Our Motto.  People Ask How Do You Stop the Mind's Chatter, How Do You Stop the Chaos Around Us from All the Changing Economic, Political, War & Racial & Other Various Social Strife, Drastic Climate and Weather Changes.  How Do You Feel Peace When Life Feels So Wildly Stressful?  Our Mission is to Set the Stage for You to Begin to Touch that Peaceful Place You'll Find Within On a Regular Basis. What Happens Outside of Us is Not Our Concern; What Happens Within is Everything. With our Pre-Launch With The Peace Mat Sessions at the Light Retreat, Our Light Spa Guests Have Experienced Many Shifts!  Enjoy and For More Information on How You Can Experience or Invest in The Peace Mat, Click Here!


 DL, Retired in Sales & Marketing from Charlotte, NC writes "The mat has special powers.  The internal workings have the ability to change your energy.  I would tell you more but  it relaxed me so much I fell asleep while using it. " 

 KK, Home Building Designer, Winston Salem, NC writes, "I really enjoyed The Peace Mat! It was very relaxing. It was similar to what I experience during Reiki sessions - lots of images in my mind clearing out and restoring myself." 

  BB, Physical Therapist, Charlotte, NC writes, "I truly enjoyed my experience of the peace mat. It was exceptionally grounding in emotion. I would highly recommended anyone to try it and enjoy the experience. Anything Carol Calvert has to offer is amazing."

  WLC, Charlotte, NC writes, "I feel this warm, tingling sensation move from my legs up my torso as I feel this calming move over me.  It's like a beautiful musical composition that touches me and takes me to that awesomely beautifully raw place."

  JL, Charlotte, NC writes, "Amazing.  All I can say is instant relaxation and comfort.  Priceless!"

 JJ, Retired Iron Worker, Light Practitioner, Photographer, Charlotte, NC writes, " When I first laid down on the mat, my body was beating really fast and I observed within a few minutes my body beat calmed down and I began to become one with The Peace Mat."

 MS, Alternative Practitioner, Biofeedback Expert, Charlotte, NC says "I said let me stay on The Peace Mat for 20 Minutes for Carol to time me and while I didn't have a timer, it was as if my internal biological clock just knew when the relaxation and calming was complete; I knew my 20 minutes were done.  I am hooked on The Peace Mat."

 CBR, Touch for Healing Practitioner, Gastonia, NC says,   "I immediately went to calm...such a really profound peace finding experience.  Thank you."

  HB, Nurse, Asheville, NC writes, "I felt this sensation in my lower chakras at my hips, first thing.  Now isn't that interesting that is where I am working on some letting go?  So calming, so balancing.  I just want to know how much this is cause I will have to have one." 

 DK, Animal Sitter & Psychologist, Charlotte, NC says, "Sighing....Oh, I just love this The Peace Mat experience.  It is as if you are becoming one with the mat.  I go really, really deep and my angles and guides are a big part of this.  Thank you, Carol."

 Second Visit, DK says, "I connected this time with the crystalline grid and my guides were there."

NB,  Energy & Light Coach, Expert, Leader, Atlanta, Ga:Thank you Carol for taking the time today to allow me to see and feel and experience your peace pad. It was awesome. Very soothing and wonderful  feeling.

MC, Acupuncturist, Tai Chi Instructor, Charlotte, NC  "Calming, heat release balancing, areas in front and back being charged! Feel clearer!"

SB, Asheville, NC  During our Max, the ancient crystal skull event last weekend, either before or after their Max session, attendees could experience The Peace Mat. One of our attendees from Asheville, NC commented, "While lying on The Peace Mat, listening to "Back to Egypt" streaming on the MindFit, I moved right into Universal Consciousness and I think my ego was totally desolved in that process. Wow!" Come try The Peace Mat and get to your peace! No claims, just peace! 

 CJ, Charlotte, NC  Non Profit Executive Director, Holistic Practitioner, Qigong Healing Arts  My experience with The Peace Mat has been very good with my performing my daily pilates principles workout of 50 reps x 20 exercises.  I've felt an energy surge and a warm flow that makes me realize the effectiveness of this unique product.  I highly recommend it for any tipe of workouts, including but not limited to yoga, qigong and pilates.

JJ, Charlotte, NC:   Retired Iron Worker, Light Practitioner, Photographer, Charlotte, NC writes,NC:  I've been purging and moving stuff out of my house and moving into my 31 ft. motor home so I can fulfill a 35 year dream to travel in my own RV and see more of the USA. I've been beyond exhausted most nights for the past 2 weeks and so sore I can't find a comfortable way to lay in bed. Yesterday I remembered the peace mat - tucked into a corner on the back side of my bed in the motor home... so my helper and I layed on it for about 30 minutes each... AHHHHH... RELIEF! The knots in my back and arms and legs literally disappeared in less than 15 minutes and everything felt like I was sinking into the peace mat! I felt like a bowl of jello when I  got up and slept the BEST night's sleep - in over a year!

J J's friend, Dave who helped her move:  My helper Dave has a very bad back and one leg is shorter than the other by about an inch and a half. He's always beating himself up and pretending he isn't crippled (he's on disability too), so he's been really aching after all the hauling and lugging stuff we've done the past 2 weeks. Taking turmeric helps us both (a LOT)... and reluctantly he tried the peace mat last night too... WOW!!! Came out of his mouth in less than 10 minutes on the mat and when 30 minutes was up, he was just blown away by how GOOD he felt... and said he slept ALL NIGHT for the first time in several years! Those peace mats sure are AMAZING and are INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE!

JRT, Home remodeling over 45 years & Radio personality, Charlotte, NC:  JRT had low back pain from crawling under a house and so during the last hour of  watching a movie, he sat on the Peace Matrix Mat and two days later came to me and said, "Hey remember, my low back hurt a few days ago.  It hasn't hurt since I got off that mat.  Thank you."

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